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I spent 85 percent of my life at school up to now. 17 years as a student, then 17 years on the other side, as a mathematics and physics teacher. I am still working there, where I worked first in 2000, at the Semmelweis Humán Szakképző Iskola, in Hungary, in Budapest. I was living, and working in a peaceful world before the facebook :). The demand of the students and the world changed about the experiments and the demonstration on the lesson in the last ten years. The students in the present want dangerous, amazing experiments promptly, eftsoon and with them being involved. As a teacher my role is important, the supply and the demand has to meet. This is the reason why the trip2science.com was brought to life. Not only our students, also any person in the world can keep tabs on my experiments.

I have a helpful partner, her name is Barbi, who made then LN2 videos, the graphical elements, the logo of trip2science, and checks on my english translations. She was one of my candidates in the past. I thank her for the help and work.

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    The mentor's devoir is not, the errant to protect from his mistakes, but to lead him, moreover to allow of him to slurp his mistakes from a full goblet: this is the mentor's sapiency.




    The thoughtful man’s benefit and happiness is, to discover all discoverable, and honour all that is undiscoverable with silent piety.



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